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How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

Do you want to constantly restock your refrigerator with cans and bottles of your favorite drinks?

Want to take your home bar to the next level? Look no further than a kegerator!

These appliances are designed to keep your beer, cider, or other beverages perfectly chilled and ready to serve in the comfort of your home. But with so many models on the market, knowing which one to choose can take time and effort.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best kegerators available and help you find the perfect one for your needs.

What is a Kegerator?

How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

A kegerator is a specialized refrigerator designed to store and dispense beer or other beverages kept in a keg.

It typically consists of a refrigeration unit, a tap or spigot for dispensing the beverage, and a container or chamber to hold the barrel.

Kegerators are commonly used in homes, bars, and restaurants and are popular among beer enthusiasts who want to enjoy draft beer without going to a bar or pub.

With a kegerator, you can keep your beer at the perfect temperature and enjoy a cold, refreshing draft beer anytime in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose A Kegerator To Store Your Drinks At Home?

How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

You might choose a kegerator to store your drinks at home for several reasons. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Freshness: Kegerators are designed to keep your beer and other beverages fresh longer. Unlike bottled or canned beer, which can go flat or lose flavor over time, kegs can be held at a consistent temperature and pressure, which helps to preserve their taste and quality.
  • Cost-effective: If you enjoy hosting parties or entertaining guests, a kegerator can serve drinks cost-effectively. Kegs can be more economical than buying multiple bottles or cans, and they also reduce the amount of waste that can come from packaging.
  • Convenience: With a kegerator, you don’t have to worry about running out of drinks or constantly restocking your refrigerator. You can keep your kegs chilled and ready to serve at all times, and with a tap or spigot, dispensing your favorite drinks is quick and easy.
  • Variety: Kegerators can accommodate different types of kegs, which means you can serve a variety of beers, ciders, and other beverages. This is especially great for those who enjoy trying different types of beers or for those who have guests with different tastes.

A kegerator can be an excellent investment for anyone who wants to enjoy a fresh, cold draft beer or other beverages at home.

It’s convenient, cost-effective, and can add a touch of fun to your home bar or entertaining space.

What To Look For When Choosing A Kegerator

How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

When choosing a kegerator, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the right one for your needs. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Size and Capacity: Consider how much space you have in your home for a kegerator and how many kegs you want to store. Kegerators come in various sizes and can accommodate different keg sizes, so choose one that fits your space and the number of drinks you wish to serve.
  2. Temperature Control: Look for a kegerator with temperature control options to adjust the temperature to the optimal level for the type of drink you’re serving. Temperature control is essential to keep your drinks fresh and to prevent foaming.
  3. Durability and Quality: A kegerator is an investment, so choosing one built to last is essential. Look for a high-quality unit made with durable materials, and consider the warranty or customer support offered by the manufacturer.
  4. Ease of Use and Cleaning: Look for an easy kegerator to set up, use, and clean. The tap or fixture should be easy to operate, and the unit should be easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Price: Kegerators can vary depending on the brand, size, and features. Set a budget and choose a kegerator that fits your needs without breaking the bank.
When choosing a kegerator, consider your space, the type of drinks you want to serve, and your budget. Look for a high-quality, durable unit that is easy to use and maintain and offers temperature control options to ensure your drinks stay fresh and delicious.

Best Kegerators of 2022

How to choose Kegerators for Keeping Drinks

I can provide you with some of the best kegerators of 2022 based on expert reviews and ratings from previous years. Here are some options:

  • EdgeStar KC2000 Full-Size Kegerator – This kegerator has consistently received high ratings for its durability, ease of use, and temperature control. It can accommodate one full-sized keg, two quarter-sized kegs, or up to three 5-gallon homebrew kegs.
  • Kegco K309SS-1 Kegerator – This kegerator has a spacious interior that can accommodate one full-sized keg, one pony keg, or up to two 5-gallon homebrew kegs. In addition, it has a digital temperature display and a stainless steel exterior that is both durable and attractive.
  • Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB Dual Tap Kegerator has two taps, allowing you to dispense two different types of beer simultaneously. In addition, it can accommodate one full-sized keg or up to two 5-gallon homebrew kegs. It also has a reversible door, making it easy to fit into any space.
  • Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Portable Kegerator is compact and portable, making it an excellent option for those who want to take their kegerator on the go. It can accommodate one mini keg or up to two 5-liter mini-kegs. It also has a digital temperature display and a sleek black exterior.
  • Nostalgia KRS2100 Retro 5.1 Cubic Foot Full-Size Kegerator – This kegerator has a retro look perfect for a man cave or game room. It can accommodate one full-sized keg or up to two 5-gallon homebrew kegs. It also has a built-in tap and a digital temperature display.
Remember to research and compare features, prices, and customer reviews before purchasing to ensure you choose the kegerator that best suits your needs and budget.


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